In PMEP Phase 1, schools and universities agree that high quality cooperating teachers are imperative for student teacher success in the clinical practice.  Therefore, PMEP has created the following list of Cooperating Teacher Characteristics to assist the recruitment and selection process in schools and partnerships.


  • Cooperating Teacher (CT) has a command of effective instruction (including assessment, differentiation, lesson planning, curriculum development and modification, etc.)
  • CT is able to be explicit about what they are doing and why they are doing it
  • CT is able to scaffold experiences for the Teacher Candidate (TC) so that s/he can learn to be independent
  • CT is explicit in addressing the inherent power differential between CT and TC
  • CT is willing and able to engage collaboratively in a cycle of observation and feedback
  • CT sees self as a continual learner (willing to learn from TC)
  • CT has strong communication skills (candid, gives explicit reasons, able to develop trust, able to give and receive feedback)
  • CT has knowledge of adult learning
  • CT is aware of commitment and is committed to teaching the TC
  • CT can help TC develop systems for getting things done
  • CT is a teacher leader, respected by peers, positive person
  • CT is collaborative, willing to be a team player
  • CT has knowledge of classroom management
  • CT is skilled at providing instructional support
  • CT adopts an “inquiry stance” towards teaching/engages in action research
  • CT has knowledge of TC’s program