The Leadership Council will be constituted by the superintendents of each school district (or their designee) and the deans of each college of education (or their designee). They will be led by three co-chairs, one from PSU, one from OICA, and one from the school districts. The Leadership Council will meet 3-4 times a year, meetings to be set in advance of the school year.

Leadership Council – Roles and Responsibilities

  • Strategic planning
  • Initiate, identify, and prioritize issues to address
  • Review recommendations of SC
  • Set goals/outcomes for the Partnership
  • Benchmarks/planning
  • Review/evaluate structure of partnership
  • Develop plan to assess value of partnership
  • Represent partnership work to stakeholders and outside organizations
  • Communicate to institution they represent to ensure/build buy-in
  • Promote ideas of partnership and exemplify through experimenting/taking risks
  • Seek and allocate resources

Commitment to the partnership includes:

  • Time commitment – 2 years
  • Active representation
  • Clearly identify contact person at each institution
  • Clearly identify communication protocols within home institution
  • Engage in critical inquiry of crucial problems
  • Commit time for personnel
  • Demonstrate commitment to the mission
  • Collaborate on: field experiences, induction, and professional development
  • Participate in activities of partnership
  • Explore fundraising
  • Commit to resources for the work of the partnership

Additional commitment for school districts:

  • Identify specific schools for partnership activities
  • Target high needs schools for support

Additional commitment for higher education:

  • Commitment of faculty to work on school projects collaboratively