The Steering Committee will be constituted by a representative from each school district and a selection of representatives from PSU and OICA . The school district’s representatives will be chosen by their superintendent – superintendents work together to create the variety recommended by the Working Group of 4 district level leaders, 4 building level leaders and 2 teachers. The OICA will provide one representative from each institution. The Steering Committee will be led by three co-chairs, the person from PSU and two elected people – one from OICA and one from the school districts.

The Steering Committee will meet monthly, or more depending on needs, set in advance of the school year. They will send representatives to all Leadership Council meetings for communication purposes.

Steering Committee – Roles and Responsibilities

  • Achieve the goals of the partnership
  • Initiate issues/Identify problems
  • Design and facilitate working groups, and evaluate their effectiveness – possible input from the Leadership Council
  • Design action plans/implement the action plans through the working groups
  • •    Report and recommend to the Leadership Council
  • •    Commit to represent on the Steering Committee for 2 years (to begin with some will be 1 and some will be 3 to create staggered coverage)

Considerations for the Steering Committee:
•    Note that the representation on the steering committee is one per district, regardless of size. The working group recognizes that the needs of larger districts might not be well communicated through one representative, but to keep the committee size manageable and include all districts – this seemed the most fair.
•    Being part of the steering committee should be supported by your district as part of their job, for some that might be release time or substitute pay, etc.
•    OICA needs to have one representative each because of the diversity amongst institutions
•    The working group recognizes the need for different perspectives on the steering committee, hence the recommendation that the Superintendents identify a variety of roles (district leaders, teachers, building leaders) to constitute the Committee.