The PMEP Steering Committee meets monthly to collectively work on our shared issues. We have always agreed that one size does not fit all partnerships, but our discussions have led us to identify the areas in which we do see commonality and agreement. In response the committee has designed tools which reflect our agreements that can be used in partnerships between teacher preparation programs and schools in their collaborations.

The Cooperating Teacher Characteristic Checklist is a research-based list of characteristics of good cooperating teachers. Although rarely, if ever, would a teacher embody all of these characteristics, it can help administrators and teachers understand the knowledge and skills that lead to effective mentoring of student teachers.

The PMEP Clinical Practice Model outlines what a collaborative relationship between a student teacher and a mentor teacher looks like. This model allows for the individual partnerships to develop specifics such a co-teaching, triad placements, or other successful practices that meet their needs.

The PMEP MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) Template can be used as a guide to develop a partnership between a school and teacher preparation program. It was developed after many discussions regarding how partnerships develop and what they need to talk about that will help them move forward.

The Professional Development for Cooperating Teachers page outlines both what we see as important components of any mentor professional development and includes some links to external resources. This page is updated as we find new information to share.